“inTooch lets you create a new social media contact very easily, and does it via a simple phone call — which is the way most of us usually add new contacts to our phones in the first place....”

Christina Bonnington, Wired

How it works

Different profiles

inTooch helps you select in 1 click whether you want to share your personal or your business details.

Intelligent Prompting

With inTooch, no need to browse through the application menu, the application comes to you whenever you call or receive a call from a new mobile number.

Works with any device

People that receive your inTooch social connector can save your detail, accept your social network invitation and send back their own contact details, whether or not they use the inTooch application

Control what you share

With inTooch, you can select how much information you share, what details you send and through which social network you want to contact.

Instantly connect through all your social networks